5 Types Of Choristers


We all know them!

1. The Adliber

The chorister that makes you wonder if it’s choir ministration or The Voice audition. Please just lead us in worship and don’t be a stumbling block.

2. The one that refuses to leave the stage

You’ll almost think they want to overthrow the Pastor on who takes the service. There is alway an extra song the spirit is dropping even after the  Pastor has started preaching.

3. The one that doesn’t know the song

What you are singing is totally different from what is on the projector, then you cover it up with adlibs and some charismatic ecstasy. #wehdonma #wehdonesir. Try and learn the lyrics better next time.

4. The off key chorister

Yes! we know it’s not about the voice, but what happened to the room for improvement?

5. The one with so many gestures.

What exactly is your aim? Win our attention? Oh, you’ve got it. But shouldn’t our focus be on Jesus?

6. The one that comes just to show us their fashion

Like really? ‍


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