Nigerian Church Posters Have Absolutely Nothing On These!


You think Nigerian churches have the ‘wonderfullest’ posters? You think ‘MMM must favor me’ is a shocking thing to include on a church poster?

Then you definitely need to see these.

  1. After I initially got over the shock of this sign, I went “my daddy is Jesusssssssss!!!!.” Can I get a halleluyah?

2. Ah! Ah! Ah!

What doth my eyes seeth?

Oh well, I guess this was done on purpose. I personally think it’s a really cool strategy. Someone would see this and go “wawu, get high on Jesus? I have to see what’s up”.

Unfortunately, all I can think of right now is crack (Help me Jesussss!!)

3. It seems like the Uber fare in the abroad is cheaper sha. But really though, think about it. How cool would it be to Uber with Jesus. He’ll definitely be able to foot the bill, even if it’s from Ikotun to the Island (lol).

What songs would he play when he connects the aux cord to his device? What would you guys talk about? Would he just let you rest your head on his shoulder all through the trip?

4. To be very honest, I really don’t know what to say concerning this sign. If you do, please drop your comment in the comment box. Thank you.


5. Okay? Snape was the hero. So?

What exactly am I supposed to pick from this sign? Am I missing something?

Someone help.


6. This makes a whole lot of sense. God always wants to be close to us, so I guess this sign is 120% accurate.

Y’all better run back to Jesusssss.


7. Again, I need help understanding this.


8. Jokes apart, have you?

Have you actually prayed about it?

Biko, not every time complain, sometimes, pray!



9. You know that ‘salt bae’ guy? Good.

Now picture God sprinkling his love on the world.


10. We saved the very best for last. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you (drumrollllllllllllllll)……




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