Types of Ushers In Church


1. Close up advertiser

“Welcome to churchhhhh”

These kind of ushers will literally freak you out with the huge smiles pasted on their faces.

You better not start an argument with these types though, because that smile will turn to a frown real quick!

2. Boning face

All I can say is, move to the front when these ones tell you to!

3. Pepper dem gang

Who can forget the ushers in #Pepperdemgang?. These brothers/sisters have the highest heels, the tightest blazers, and wear bright orange socks with their jumping blue trousers.

These ones really truly don’t care if you move to the front or not.

4. Seat warden

These ones also fall into the boning face category.

“I said you can’t sit there Sir. You have to move to the very front row”

I’m sure we’ve all encountered these types at least twice in our lives.

5. Mannequin challenge (that’ll now start dozing)

I’ve never seen an usher sleeping in church, but i’m sure it’s a very rare sight.

Please do well to capture the moment and send to us if you ever experience it.

7. The Attention Seeker

#Pepperdemgang redefined.

When church is in session, these ones will keep walking along the aisles.

“Abeg aunty/uncle, I can’t see through you, sit down!”


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